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01. Time efficiency

ezLoads TMS and Driver App was designed to increase your performance and functionality by reducing required time and effort. ezLoads TMS and Driver App creates Synergy for your business meaning producing a combined effect greater than the sum of separate effects. ezLoads saves you time, and ultimately money, on human labor. It can be a real game changer for your business.

easy Loads data entry
eliminates unnecessary data entry
efficient data flow among all team members (dispatchers, accountants, business owners)
instant access to all load docs (Rate con, BOL, invoice)

02. Dispatch Dashboard

Our dispatch board provides an overview of every driver’s weekly schedule. It keeps your dispatchers organized by allowing them to see real time driver schedules and load sequences.

navigate between weeks
create a load from a dashboard in just one click
each bar represents a load
block off the calendar to reflect driver out-of-duty days
easy to make important notes about drivers or loads

03. Cloud based

No download is required. ezLoads TMS and Driver App gives you access to all your business data over the internet from all your devices. Your data is stored on secured servers and is always backed up. ezLoads TMS and Driver App allows your employees to work from anywhere at any time.

no upfront costs for application software licenses
your data is always backed up
super-fast application created using Big Data technology
no local data storage space required

04. Graphic visualization

ezLoads TMS and Driver App was designed to visually depict and provide understanding of your Load statuses in just one glance. Using different background colors to reflect load statuses gives quick insight of your business situation. This feature helps to understand your business picture in a better and easier way.

green represents funded loads
yellow represents all delivered loads
red represents loads that require immediate attention

05. Fuel import

This feature allows you to upload fuel reports from your fuel card providers in just one click. This eliminates many human errors and saves your business tons of money on the data entry process.

upload fuel transaction reports
eliminates duplicate entries
assigns fuel transactions to each driver

06. Factoring reports

Prepare a report for a factoring schedule submission in just 20 seconds. Upload it into your factoring company system and the work is done. As simple as that! Focus on getting timely funding, not on redundant data entry. Never miss submitting any loads for funding again. These bucks are precious!

control the loads that were submitted to factoring
gives you insight on which loads were funded & which loads are still awaiting funding
all funded load statuses will update in just one click

07. Embedded Broker Database

ezLoads TMS and Driver App has the largest broker database synced directly from FMCSA. You will never have to manually input broker information again. Simply search by MC number or name and add them to your partner list with just one click.

quick search by MC number
quick search by name
63,000 brokers database

08. Lumpers add-ons

This feature gives you a very quick and efficient way to record a lumper expense to the load. It eliminates the imperfect human factor. It also eliminates the possibility of failing to record lumper expense and ultimately not get reimbursed for it.

Record a lumper with one click
Easily record a lumper expense to the load and never miss a reimbursement
Flows automatically to the invoice and driver statements
Time efficiency
Dispatch Dashboard
Cloud based
Graphic visualization
Fuel import
Factoring reports
Embedded Broker Database
Lumpers add-ons
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+3 features

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